Table of Contents

Last modified on 03/26/2018.

Electronic circuit design

  1. Introduction to experiment equipment
  2. Introduction to a simple electronic circuit
  3. Current, voltage, resistance and Ohm’s law in a series circuit
  4. Using the Analog Discovery
  5. Series & Parallel circuits
  6. Sensors

Microcontroller (Arduino Uno)

  1. Introduction to Arduino
  2. Arduino digital output
  3. 7-segment display
  4. Arduino analog input (Using sensors)
  5. Arduino analog output (PWM, pseudo sinewave)
  6. Arduino digital input

Self-problem solving pair project

  • Displaying numbers from Keypad on LED screen or 7-segment display
  • Displaying temperature on LCD screen
  • Piano with Keypad and speaker
  • Usage of Keypad, LM35 sensor and LCD screen to make a device that a few modes
  • Student’s proposal